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Refresh your Indian Head Massage skills

Need a bit of a refresher? Need to build up your confidence in using Indian Head Massage? Then this one day Indian Head Massage Refresher Course is ideal for you. You have the option of training with Mary Atkinson in Chichester or Bridget Prusik in Cornwall.  Continue reading »

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Free CPD for Holistic Therapists – 10 simple tips

Concerned about getting sufficient CPD points to meet the requirements of your professional body? Well, here are ten simple ways of achieving your Continuing Professional Development without putting pressure on your bank balance.  Your professional body will provide you with full details of the policy for CPD for holistic therapists. Many will also have templates to help you record your CPD activities. Continue reading »

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Indian Head Massage Community – CPD Day

Join us for our first CPD Day. Be among the IHM Pioneers!

Date: Saturday 18th November 2017

Venue: Brighton, East Sussex

Cost: £60


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Healing Touch for Children – new edition

My book Healing Touch for Children is now out in a new edition – supported by a You Tube channel with demonstrations of the techniques. It only costs £3.99 from Amazon and is also available as a Ebook at £2.99.

About the book

I’ve written Healing Touch for Children for parents and grandparents wishing to share the benefits of nurturing touch with their children and grandchildren, but the book is also enjoyed by therapists. There are plenty of self-help tips too. It’s practical and easy to use – with ideas for introducing simple massage, reflexology and acupressure techniques to help ease common ailments such as headaches and exam stress.

The book is written to help children, but the simple routines are valuable for people of all ages. Research by the Touch Research Institute in Miami shows that short, simple touch therapy sessions can help reduce stress, increase concentration and boost energy levels for everyone. So check out the book to discover some of the ways that you can make touch therapy a loving and caring part of your family life.

Positive Touch for Children You Tube Channel

It is always so helpful to actually see the different techniques in action, so I’ve created a You Tube Channel to support the Healing Touch for Children book. You can see me demonstrating basic massage, reflexology and acupressure techniques on children. Click here to access the demonstrations. Positive Touch for Children with Mary Atkinson.


About Mary Atkinson

Mary is an award-winning author and holistic therapist with her own training school. She believes passionately in the power of touch for children of all ages and abilities – and works to share ideas for developing positive touch activities in a fun and engaging way.

The photos below were taken when Mary was working with refugee families in Dunkirk (March 2017) and with children affected by the tsunami in Japan (April 2012). On both occasions, nurturing, positive touch brought real benefits of reducing anxiety and bringing comfort to the children.

Feedback for the Book

“Mary Atkinson clearly wholeheartedly believes in the power of touch and is passionate about her subject. I would recommend the book to any parent as a way of encouraging them to utilise the power of positive touch and spend quality time with their children.”
Journal of Holistic Healthcare 

“This book embraces a new way of thinking, is hugely informative, clear, concise and an absolute joy to read.” Embody Magazine 

“A step by step guide for home use written by an experienced massage therapist, reflexologist and aromatherapy practitioner. Mary offers easy to follow practice routines which can be easily picked up by even the complete beginner. Excellent.”
Yoga and Health

“Featuring user friendly treatment sequences and practical advice on dealing with emotional issues such as stress and anxiety, this book will show you how you can make a loving and caring touch part of your child’s daily routine.”
The Green Parent

“This practical and accessible guide offers easy to follow step-by-step instructions and valuable health tips and advice.”Bamboo magazine, Conscious Family Living



Healing Touch for Children by Mary Atkinson

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Reflections on Volunteering at the Women’s Centre, Dunkirk Refugee Camp

I’m just back from a week volunteering as a massage therapist and general helper at the Women’s Centre in Dunkirk Refugee Camp. The whole experience was made even more meaningful because it was supported by friends and family, and shared with Sue Cooper, a fellow therapist with a very generous heart. I’ve been struggling to find the words to describe the confusing emotions of the week, so here are ten of my most poignant personal memories. written from the perspective of a woman. Continue reading »

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Indian Head Massage for Family and Friends

Looking to learn a new skill? Wondering about exploring your massage skills? Indian Head Massage a favourite beginner’s course because it is fun and quick to learn. Join us to learn a therapy that you can share with family and friends. And have a great day out  with like-minded people too. Continue reading »

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Diploma in Indian Head Massage in Cornwall

Looking to study Indian Head Massage? This popular three day accredited IHM Diploma is now taught in Cornwall. The Diploma is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists for 20 CPD points.  Continue reading »

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Volunteering in Dunkirk Refugee Camp

I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to work as a volunteer in the Dunkirk Refugee Camp. I’ll be travelling out on March 19th 2017 and feeling a little nervous but pleased to be doing something to help. There’s a little more about the trip below. If you’d like more information or to offer a donation please contact me directly. Continue reading »

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Story Massage for Children and Adults

Are you interested in sharing Story Massage with the children or adults in your care – at home or at work? 

We offer two options:

  • In house/group training days for your school or organisation
  • Accredited day course for individuals

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Training in Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is a seated massage therapy that involves specific massage techniques on the upper back and arms, shoulders, neck, scalp, face and ears. The client sits on a comfortable, upright chair and the therapist stands behind using a series of alternate soothing and invigorating movements. Each session lasts around 30-40 minutes although this can be shortened to 10-20 minutes if necessary. Continue reading »

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