Book: Healing Touch for Children

Book: Healing Touch for Children

Albert Bridge Books (May 2017)

Paperback: £3.99  Kindle: £2.99

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Mary Atkinson, author and complementary therapist,  brings her practical approach to her book which introduces Massage, Reflexology and Acupressure for 4-12 year olds. Healing Touch for Children.  It is written for parents and grandparents wishing to share the benefits of nurturing touch with their children and grandchildren, but is also enjoy by therapists. There are plenty of self-help tips.

Research has shown that short, simple touch therapy sessions can help reduce stress, increase concentration and boost energy levels in school age children, and this book offers a thorough overview of safe and effective ways of making a loving and caring touch part of your child’s daily routine. Although written for children, many people report that the simple routines are valuable for people of all ages and the book quickly becomes a well-thumbed resource in the family home.

Positive Touch for Children You Tube Channel

The Healing Touch for Children book is supported by a You Tube Channel that has videos of the author demonstrating massage, reflexology and acupressure techniques on children. Click here to access the demonstrations. Positive Touch for Children with Mary Atkinson.

The techniques and routines in the book and on the You Tube channel supports studies by the Touch Research Institute, Miami, which show stress levels are lower in children who receive massage. The photos below were taken when Mary was working with refugee children in Dunkirk (March 2017) and with children affected by the tsunami in Japan (April 2012). On both occasions, nurturing, positive touch brought real benefits of reducing anxiety and bringing comfort to the children.

“Mary Atkinson clearly wholeheartedly believes in the power of touch and is passionate about her subject. I would recommend the book to any parent as a way of encouraging them to utilise the power of positive touch and spend quality time with their children.”
Journal of Holistic Healthcare 

“Touch therapy is simple, free and extremely beneficial to both parent and child. Many techniques can also be applied to family and friends too. I would highly recommend this book to therapists and parents alike.” Reflexions Magazine (Association of Reflexologists) 

“This book embraces a new way of thinking, is hugely informative, clear, concise and an absolute joy to read.” Embody Magazine 

“A step by step guide for home use written by an experienced massage therapist, reflexologist and aromatherapy practitioner. Mary offers easy to follow practice routines which can be easily picked up by even the complete beginner. Excellent.”
Yoga and Health

“Featuring user friendly treatment sequences and practical advice on dealing with emotional issues such as stress and anxiety, this book will show you how you can make a loving and caring touch part of your child’s daily routine.”
The Green Parent

“This practical and accessible guide offers easy to follow step-by-step instructions and valuable health tips and advice.”Bamboo magazine, Conscious Family Living

Story Massage for Children Accredited Day Course

For therapists and parents wishing to learn more about positive touch activities for children then do check out the Story Massage Day course run by Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper. The course is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists for 5 CPD points. Courses are held around the country on different dates. Story Massage Resources and Training

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