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The Smiling Flowers Story Massage

By special request from so many people around the world, here is a copy of heart-warming The Smiling Flowers Story Massage which was written to share with the children affected by the tsunami in Japan in 2011. You can see more about the work of Cocoro Charity and story massage by clicking Story Massage for Children of Rikuzentakata.


This simple story massage for children combines spoken word with simple actions on a child’s back. It can be a child to child or parent/carer to child activity depending on whether you are sharing the massage at home, in school or another setting.

Smiling Flowers Story Massage


The round, round sun rises in the sky

(Large circular movements on back with the palm of hand)

And the flowers grow – one, two, three

(Place palms of hands either side of spine then stroke upwards to the shoulders. Do this move three times)

But one little flower is very tired

(Small circle on middle of back with finger pads)

So the sun brings rays of light and hope

(Large circular movements on back with palm of hand)

The wind sings songs of courage

(Zig-zag movements across the back with palms of hands)

The rain sprinkles the little flower with strength

(Pitter-patter movements with pads of fingers on head and back)

Every night, the moon watches over the little flower

(Shape of new moon, semi-circle, with pads of fingers on back)

And the stars twinkle brightly in the darkness

(Plucking movement over head, back and arms)

So the little flower can sleep very peacefully.

(Hold both hands on head)

Slowly, slowly the little flower gets taller and stronger

(Place hands either side of spine and make fan shapes with palms, getting larger and using a little more pressure).

It grows and grows in a field of colourful flowers

(Lots of small circles over back with pads of fingers)

And if you stop and look very carefully,

(Hold hands on shoulders)

You can see that all flowers are smiling. Smile and smile. Be Happy today.

(Shape of smile on back – from one shoulder to the other).

smiling flowers

Smiling Flowers DVD for Sale in Aid of Cocoro Charity

We now have a DVD with a demonstration of The Smiling Flowers massage story, and another popular massage story. These are demonstrated with words in both English and Japanese. The DVD is on sale for £6 (plus p and p). Please contact me (Mary Atkinson) if you would like to buy a copy.

Story Massage DVD small

Smiling Flowers Story Massage around the World

This story massage, inspired by the healing power of nature, has already touched the hearts of many people across the UK. It has been translated into Japanese and also Danish. Do let me know if you would be willing to translate the words into another language. For more information about the benefits and possibilities of Story Massage in the home, school or wider community please visit Story Massage Website.


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