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Cocoro Charity

Welcome to the UK page of Cocoro charity, updated by Mary Atkinson, Cocoro UK representative.

Japanese speakers can also find regular updates and photographs on the Japanese Cocoro blog.

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 You can find my reflections of revisiting the area to run self-care workshops in September 2019 here: Cocoro Charity Reflections. 

About Cocoro Charity

The aim of Cocoro (the Japanese word for mind) was to offer on-going mental health care and support to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan by providing aromatherapy and massage treatments. The founder was Takiko Ando, a Japanese citizen and qualified aromatherapist.

The psychological impact of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 will continue for many years. Conditioned by their culture not to burden others with their suffering, children and adults experience recurring nightmares, depression and high anxiety levels.

The Cocoro team found that the therapeutic power of aromatherapy and the comfort of touch can bring positive healing to the victims of the tsunami.

Since 2014, much of the therapy work was been undertaken by members of Cocoro Ria – a group of local people who are trained in basic aromatherapy massage skills to share with others.  The charity has now closed but the members continue to meet regularly, and their work continues to help people cope.

Below are selection of photos. For all the posts on the work of Cocoro charity please visit the Cocoro category on the blog.


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