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Diploma in Indian Head Massage in Cornwall

Looking to study Indian Head Massage? This popular three day accredited IHM Diploma is being held in a glorious venue in South East Cornwall on 15th, 16th and 22nd July 2019. Numbers are limited to ensure a fun and informal course with the best tuition.  Continue reading »

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Let’s Join Hands for National Massage Day 2019

Did you get involved with National Massage Day 2018? And are you excited about this year’s event? Or did you promise to be more prepared for 2019? Well, here is advance warning so you have plenty of time to plan! National Massage Day will be held on 1st October 2019 with Pro-Touch Awareness Month running for the whole of October.

A snapshot of the success of last year

National Massage Day was re-launched by incoming co-ordinator Lizzie Badger on October 1st 2018 – alongside a new initiative, Pro-Touch Awareness Month. The new sponsors and co-ordinators are the Therapist Business Club, where Lizzie is a co-founder.

Over 1100 therapists and members of the public joined in from all over the UK and from all types of therapy modalities – holistic, physio and beauty therapists to reiki, energy healers and soul midwives! The events were celebrated by “paying it forward,” with money raised for good causes and 100’s of hours of volunteering delivered and pledged. We took part with a competition to win copies of my book Healing Touch for Children and a shared fun day with Lizzie Badger on a Story Massage training in Manchester.

Free online platform

A free online platform (open to the public and therapists alike) was launched to highlight a wide range of the different hands-on therapies and treatments available. This is still very active with a growing library of articles, videos, client testimonials and lists of the multiple benefits each treatment offers… and more contributions and experts are called for. Maybe you could make a contribution – and promote the benefits of your therapy?

Over 1000 therapists took part in the facebook group – sharing their events, ideas, competitions, articles of interest and arranging therapy swaps.

Working together to promote positive touch

Lizzie and the team are now looking for feedback, ideas and involvement from across the whole wellness sector globally for October 2019 – from individual therapists to publications, radio stations, awarding and membership bodies, MPs, colleges and any “mover shaker” who wants to champion the power of touch and connection in our modern society.

“The enthusiasm, co-operation and the desperate need for such an event has simply blown me away! Organisations and therapists that would normally compete in the same market place have dropped barriers and jumped straight in. It’s been fantastic – business as a force for good – which is exactly what it should be. We encourage you to plan for and engage with the 2019 celebrations!” Lizzie Badger

“Happy National Massage Day! I will be teaching foster carers and adopters some positive touch and massage with children’s teddies to help me! It is so great that Lizzie has taken up the reins for moving National Massage Day forward. Huge thanks Liz and I can’t wait to hear how it all goes!” Gill Tree, original founder of National Massage Day

How to get involved

Here are three ways that you can start preparing for October 2019.

1. Join the Facebook Group to connect with like-minded people and gain inspiration and ideas: Facebook Page 

2.  Take part in the Survey to give feedback and/or get involved: Survey

3. Check out Lizzie’s Blog to find out more: Lizzie’s Blog


Why get involved?

Here are a few interesting statistics. If one therapist can positively impact the lives of just 50 individuals over, say, a 5 year period (10 a year) – then a group of just 100 together can help 5,000.  If this group grows to become the model for only half of the estimated 70,000 UK therapy professionals (from hands-on, hair and beauty, mental health to spiritual workers) – that suddenly becomes a staggering 1,750,000 (yes – one million, seven hundred and fifty thousand) people touched by your skills AND kindness.

More about Lizzie Badger

Lizzie Badger is co-founder of the Therapist Business Club and award-winning owner of a UK-wide massage training school, holding a patent for choreographed massage. She created the UK Volunteer Therapist Hub and is the new owner and founder of National Massage Day and Pro-Touch Awareness Month. Lizzie is passionate about bringing the healing power of touch back into everyday society – especially to those who need it the most.

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Healing Touch for Children Book

My book Healing Touch for Children is now out in a new edition – supported by a You Tube channel with demonstrations of the techniques. It only costs £4.99 from Amazon (or directly from Mary Atkinson) and is also available as a Kindle version at £2.99.

Continue reading »

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Free CPD for Holistic Therapists – 10 simple tips

Concerned about getting sufficient CPD points to meet the requirements of your professional body? Well, here are ten simple ways of achieving your Continuing Professional Development without putting pressure on your bank balance.  Your professional body will provide you with full details of the policy for CPD for holistic therapists. Many will also have templates to help you record your CPD activities. Continue reading »

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Indian Head Massage Techniques – Head and Face

Are you looking for a reminder of some Indian Head Massage techniques? Or would you like to learn some new moves? Here are a few video clips to inspire you.   Continue reading »

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Benefits of Hand and Foot Massage

If you’ve enjoyed a hand massage and/or foot massage then you know that it can be a truly relaxing experience. Indeed, many people are surprised at the benefits of this simple, non-invasive and adaptable therapy. Published research backs this up.  Continue reading »

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Indian Head Massage Techniques – Back, Shoulders and Neck

Students on my courses find that videos are a helpful aid to remembering the different moves. Here are video clips of my four favourite Indian Head Massage techniques (filmed with a friend in my kitchen!) for working on the back, shoulders and neck. These are just a few of the different moves that you learn when attending my courses in Indian Head Massage. Continue reading »

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Celebrating the New Indian Head Massage Community

Our exciting new Indian Head Massage Community (IHMC) was launched with an inspiring and well attended CPD Day at Purple Turtle Academy in Brighton on 18th November 2018. Feedback was very positive about the organisation, content and supportive atmosphere during the day – and everyone left happily with new information, skills and contacts. As one attendee wrote: “brilliant launch day with wonderful info, support and fun – here’s to the future.”   Continue reading »

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Reflections on Volunteering at the Women’s Centre, Dunkirk Refugee Camp

I’m just back from a week volunteering as a massage therapist and general helper at the Women’s Centre in Dunkirk Refugee Camp. The whole experience was made even more meaningful because it was supported by friends and family, and shared with Sue Cooper, a fellow therapist with a very generous heart. I’ve been struggling to find the words to describe the confusing emotions of the week, so here are ten of my most poignant personal memories. written from the perspective of a woman. Continue reading »

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Story Massage for Children and Adults

Are you interested in sharing Story Massage with the children or adults in your care – at home or at work? 

We offer two options:

  • In house/group training days for your school or organisation
  • Accredited day course for individuals

Continue reading »

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