The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, March 2011

A devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit the north east coast of Japan at 14:46pm on March 11, 2011. The tsunami swept inland as far as six miles in some places. 14,728 people were killed with 10,808 people missing.  The powerful tsunami swept through through the towns leaving a desolate trail of destruction. Local people were forced to flee their homes, offices and schools, leaving everything behind.

The tsunami swept away 100,000 buildings and houses. 8,000,000 people lost electricity and 1,800,000 houses lost water. Whilst temporary houses were being constructed, victims lived in the shelters either at coastal area or any area where space was available, some were located 50miles away from the coast, far from their community. Local people were sleeping in cramped conditions with problems around hygiene and lack of privacy.  The electricity was reconnected six weeks after the disaster but for several months local people were receiving water from a water cart. The whole region experienced numerous after-shocks on a daily basis which was a great cause of trauma and worry, especially for the children.

Sharing our experiences of working with victims of the Tsunami

In April 2012, my husband and I travelled to Rikuzentakata to work with Cocoro Charity bringing healing touch to the victims of the tsunami through a Positive Touch for Children programme. You can read more on the blog feature Our Experiences of Volunteering in a Tsunami Disaster Area.

We are also happy to share our experiences and photographs with local groups. All proceeds will be donated to Cocoro Charity to help maintain their important work. We are already booked at several events including local holistic therapy support groups, W.I. groups, St Wilfrid’s Hospice, Chichester, and the Japan Society in Petersfield. Please contact Mary Atkinson if you would like to arrange this.

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