COCORO RIA – Training Local People in Aromatherapy

It is now nearly three years since the Tsunami hit the South East Coast of Japan in March 2011. Founder of Cocoro charity, Takiko Ando, reflects on the work of the charity over the past three years and offers gratitude to supporters from all over the world.


Thank you very much for your support and warm thoughts to Japan. It has been three years since our charity started. The situation has not changed significantly and still many people are living in temporary houses.

Launch of Cocoro Ria

The good news is the local team ‘Cocoro Ria’ has just set up in 11th December 2013. They have chosen the name ‘Ria’ after the shape of the local coastline. Cocoro Ria is a team of local people who have been trained by Cocoro in aromatherapy and relaxation skills. They can continue our work in providing comfort and relaxation for the people who have been so traumatised by the disaster. We have been told that people will still be living in temporary houses for at least another two years so it is vital to continue the work.


Cocoro Ria will visit the temporary houses weekly and we will visit them twice a year to supervise their skills and help maintain their motivation. Cocoro will provide their oils and expenses to enable them to keep going. Your donation will be used for this.

In 2011, over 30,000 volunteer workers came to Rikuzentakata city. In June 2013, only 300 volunteers were helping out, yet the need for mental health care is still paramount. Local people feel isolated and are afraid that they will be forgotten. People are always waiting for us and Cocoro is now loved by local people. We could not achieve this without you.


Can you help?
If you’d like to help support the work of Cocoro Ria in providing aromatherapy and positive touch to the victims of the tsunami then please contact me Mary Atkinson, Cocoro UK representative.



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