Indian Head Massage Techniques – Back, Shoulders and Neck

Students on my courses find that videos are a helpful aid to remembering the different moves. Here are video clips of my four favourite Indian Head Massage techniques (filmed with a friend in my kitchen!) for working on the back, shoulders and neck. These are just a few of the different moves that you learn when attending my courses in Indian Head Massage.

The videos show the techniques without oil, but they are wonderful with oil too! For some of you they will be a refresher, for others an inspiration to learn more. My next blog will be looking at Indian Head Massage Techniques for the head.

1. Shoulder Sweeping

This is the perfect start to a therapy session. It is one of the calming Indian Head Massage techniques that can be enjoyed at any time during the massage. Including the neck adds extra comfort and relaxation.

2. Kneading

We love to experiment with different kneading moves on my courses. It is so important that you find a technique that you can perform without putting strain on your hands and wrists. So during my courses I spend time with each student helping them to develop their own personal approach to Indian Head Massage.

3. Ironing Down

This is a real favourite with my students and clients – especially when you include the neck and elbows. Many of my clients are elderly and they find this gives comfort and reassurance.

4. Neck Scooping

This move is just bliss …. it is one of those Indian Head Massage techniques that will get your clients booking again! Make sure that your hands sweep right up and under the occipital ridge. Enjoy!

For more videos please visit my You Tube Channel Mary Atkinson Holistic Therapy Courses.

I think Mary is a truly inspirational teacher. She has a fun and warm approach to teaching, I really love her style and how she made it so easy to digest lots of information. From the practical side to the course notes to her ongoing support she is just wonderful. I have been able to use all my skills gained from her in so many areas of my work from home life with my children to my music groups, one to one with people with multiple and profound disabilities to nurturing women through labour.  Shirley Stump, Holistic Therapist and Doula


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    Thanks for sharing. The videos were especially useful. Quite different yet similar in ways to the Swedish style.