Raising Awareness of Tsunami Victims

Media coverage of the 2011 tsunami in Japan has ground to a halt. Newspapers are full of the next popular story. Yet, for those who lost so much in the devastating disaster, the suffering continues.

takiko and elderly man

Cocoro – Raising Awareness of Mental Healthcare Needs

Cocoro Charity was founded by Ms Takiko Ando (above), a Japanese aromatherapist, to bring the comfort of touch to the victims of the tsunami on the North East Coast of Japan. Three years later, the need for emotional healing has become even more important. The charity is now training local people to become part of Cocoro Ria, a team of Aroma Care Workers, offering massage to those still living in temporary housing.

ACw 11

The work of these local ACW is proving extremely beneficial as they have a greater understanding the needs of the people in their local community. However, they are victims too, and many are living in temporary housing. It is a sign of their strength of spirit and motivation that these ACW offer so much time and energy to healing other people. Yet is takes a physical and emotional toll, and many say that listening to the suffering of others makes them realise that the problems will continue for many years.

Cocoro elderly massage

Raising Awareness throughout Japan

There are many enthusiastic and generous Japanese supporters of Cocoro’s important work. Yet, too many people in Japan are still not aware of the extent of the mental health problem in the tsunami-destroyed area.

Tomoko Nei

To help raise awareness of the continued suffering, Cocoro has organised a series of talks around Japan. Recently, Ms. Tomoko Nei, a therapist with Cocoro, gave a talk in Aomori prefecture. She shared stories of the work of the ACW, showed photographs and messages of support from around the world,  and asked everyone to remember the victims, so they know they are not forgotten.

Japan books

Raising Awareness in the UK

As Cocoro UK representative, I am always happy to talk at your group of event about the work of Cocoro. Please contact me for more information: Mary Atkinson.

Cocoro thank you

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