Style and the Holistic Therapist

Middle-aged holistic therapist. Hmm. What image does that conjure up for you? Answers might range from ‘caring, salt of the earth type’ to ‘wacky, born-again hippie’. The reality is that most of us are hard-working (often self-employed) professionals trying to juggle far too many demands. And the result is that we often spend far too much time on others, and far too little on ourselves especially when it comes to appearance. And then when we get an invite to an event, we are gripped by panic – ‘but what will I wear?’


It’s easy to hide behind our working clothes. Smart trousers and therapy top. Simple and functional. And we make excuses about lack of funds, or lack of time or inclination to go shopping. But all too often social events or public appearances can be overshadowed by concerns about appearance. We want to look good, but our wardrobes let us down. Nothing seems to match!

Style Me Confident

And if this all resonates with you, then I am going to share my Guilty Pleasure – Gay Richardson from Style Me Confident!

It was Gay who helped me choose the perfect outfit for receiving my Excellence in Leadership Award at the FHT Gala Awards Dinner 2015 (below, right). We flitted from shop to shop trying on different dresses, shoes and jackets that were totally out of my comfort zone. But after half an hour of Gay’s gentle, sensitive and supportive persuasion, I was actually having fun. I even surprised myself by swirling happily in the changing room – ‘I feel like a princess!’

2015 Awards Leadership Winners Maria Mason Mary Atkinson Paul Battersby2 LR

A friend of my daughter’s commented that it is worth spending a bit more on an outfit for a big occasion because it means you can really look forward to the event. And it’s true. However, since Gay has sorted out my everyday wardrobe, I’ve found that I am actually spending less money on clothes – and certainly much less time throwing clothes around the room in despair!

Like so many of us, Gay is a hard-working, self-employed professional women struggling with far too many demands. And so she understands all about time and money restraints – but she also recognises the importance of feeling good about ourselves. Middle-aged holistic therapist? Hmm. Shall we try ‘stylist and confident’?


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