Today’s Holistic Therapist – Leanne Brown

One of the joys of Facebook is being able to connect with other therapists. And I was delighted to meet Leanne Brown through her Facebook page Leanne’s Indian Head Massage.  Leanne shows a real commitment to helping her own family and others through massage – and her story will inspire others to share massage with children with ADHD.


What prompted you to train in holistic therapies?

I have a daughter with ADHD and was researching online about holistic therapies that could help her. Then I came across Mary Atkinson’s website and decided to learn techniques myself. I got in touch with Jackie Hamilton School of Therapies and signed up for the course in Indian Head Massage.  I needed something that I could fit in around my four children, and this seemed a good introduction. My first course was in March 2104 and I passed my exam four months later.

What therapies do  you currently practice?

At the moment, I am concentrating on Indian Head Massage. However, I have lots of training in the pipeline including Story Massage in September 2015. I am delighted this course is coming to Norwich.  I am mobile at present but also offer clients the choice of coming to my house.

Describe one time when you felt that Indian Head Massage made a real difference to someone.

During my training I had to do case studies so I choose my daughter and my husband as well as four others. My husband suffered from migraines and as I tracked my case study it became apparent that his migraine symptoms lessened. Also with my daughter the results were instant. She calmed down and relaxed with the massage, and since I use it as a calming method when she is having a bad day. I am sharing my experiences on my blog, so do take a look. Leanne’s Blog.

Can you share any holistic health tips?

I was taught to centre myself before a massage and I find that it helps me to calm myself. I take a relaxed posture standing behind client with my hands over their head and I ask them to take three deep breaths. I breathe with them. I also use some of the Indian Head Massage massage moves on myself when I have a headache coming on.

What are your plans for the future?

My aim is to help other parents and other disabled children. We seem to have lost the power of touch and for many people the concept of a hug to comfort someone is foreign. Through massage, I hope to help people to be less stressed and have a better quality of life.  I am glad that I researched holistic ways of relaxing my child with ADHD. It has helped me to find a gentler, less stressful way of helping my daughter and my other family members cope with her illness.  I love working with people from all walks of life and, as I am at the start of my journey, I am looking forward to increasing my client base and my knowledge. I have found something I love doing that helps others too.

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Would you like to learn Indian Head Massage?

For information on Mary Atkinson’s FHT Accredited Diploma in Indian Head Massage in Chichester and Worthing, please click here: Diploma in Indian Head Massage

Massage for Children with ADHD

Do read Mary’s blog on the benefits of Story Massage and Massage for Children with ADHD.  This article helped Leanne towards a new career as an Indian Head Massage therapist, and a calmer home life too!

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