Today’s Holistic Therapist – Sue Adlam

From my first telephone conversation with Sue Adlam, I knew she would be a committed, professional and caring therapist. We discussed Sue’s decision to change careers and it was my real pleasure to work with her on my Diploma in Indian Head Massage a couple of years ago. Since then, I have been following Sue’s holistic career with interest and that lovely, warm feeling that every therapy tutor gets when a student follows their dream and loves it. As Sue says: ‘The future is not just bright, its brilliant!”

So let me introduce you to Sue Adlam, MFHT, from Westbury in Wiltshire.

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What prompted you to train in complementary therapy?

I have always been attuned to the idea of working with the ways of the rhythm of life and nature – interested in environmental, ecological issues and keen to ensure that my footsteps on the world were light. For me, complementary therapy just fits with the whole picture. Working with the rhythm of nature and being proactive with our health fits so well with that ethos for me.

I was a deputy in primary education and working ridiculously long hours before I had my daughter 10 years ago and had made up my mind not to go back. Too young to retire, I decided that I would quite like to train as an Aromatherapist because I love essential oils and lovely smells! So in 2011 I enrolled on a diploma course and despite it being a challenge at times, it was the beginning of a completely new way of life for me. In February 2012 I joined NYR Organic as an independent consultant too and that has taught me so much about running a business. I am now in a fortunate position of having lots of clients as a result of networking and doing events and parties. in 2013, I trained in Indian head massage with Mary Atkinson, author of The Art of Indian Head Massage, in Chichester, and found her course to be inspirational and very supportive.

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What therapies do you currently practice?

I am qualified in aromatherapy, holistic massage and Indian head massage and predominantly think of myself as an aromatherapist. I have taken an advanced course in preparing home blends and love finding lots of different ways to use oils for all kinds of health conditions. Until recently, my main work was as a mobile Indian head massage, due to not having a clinic base – but that has all changed now that I have opened my own home clinic. I’ll be having a second open day soon so do contact me if you’d like to come and take a look.

Describe one time when you felt that complementary therapy had really made a difference to someone.

I remember a very anxious lady coming to see me for an Indian head massage. She was very stressed, not sleeping and had raised blood pressure. She was keen not to use medication to control her symptoms. After a couple of massages, she said she no longer needed to come regularly as she was feeling so much better!

Can you share any holistic tips that have worked for you?

I no longer get debilitating secondary infections resulting from a cold – I diffuse essential oils, apply eucalyptus salve (very immune-boosting) and suck eucalyptus pastilles! My daughter recovered quickly from tonsillitis using a tea tree gargle. I also used to purchase over the counter medicines for things like cold sores and athlete’s foot. Now I have all the ingredients I need to prepare something to deal with that! I myself suffer from occasional outbreaks of athlete’s foot and now I know how to deal with it. Using NYR base lotion, I add a blend of tea tree, patchouli, lemongrass and myrrh and apply this to both feet after washing and drying thoroughly. This is so effective and soothing, the itching goes within hours.


What path are you hoping to follow in the future?

I have already booked onto 5 CPD courses for this year and will be looking to add more! I’m going to do some workshops for using massage for specific problem areas like neck, shoulders, lower back and sciatica. I’m also booked onto a pregnancy massage course and plan on doing an aromatherapy course for pregnancy too. Holistic facials will be added in May. But the 2 day seminar that I will be attending in June delivered by Robert Tisserand is probably the one that I am most excited about!

I have lots of ideas for developing my career – I may even end up teaching in some capacity or other delivering my own CPD courses to other therapists in a few years time. There are so many opportunities and exciting lines to pursue – the future is not just bright it’s brilliant!


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